Karen B won a free cozy & a gift — but the fun’s not over yet . . .

Sis’s friend at mjbreviewers has paired her review of the first in a new cozy mystery series by Kathi Daley with gifts from the author — a copy of the book and either a tote bag or an Amazon gift card (depending on the winner’s locale) on her site.  Readers must comment on the site to register for a chance to win the gifts — Sis can only redirect you:

Read the review, along with a synopsis of the book, and enter at Review and Contest.  Good luck . . . although you’ll be competing with Sis!

Update 5 April 2016:  Congratulations to Karen B., who won the gift package from Kathi Daley and mjbreviewers!  And, to all who are still interested?  Goodreads also has a giveaway of the book running:

Enter on Goodreads

6 thoughts on “mjbreviewers”

  1. Mjbreviewers is a favorite cozy book review site of mine, just as I believe yours will become. She has reviewed my Kay Driscoll cozy mysteries, The Ginseng Conspiracy and Murder Under the Tree.

    She is a great supporter of the cozy community for both readers and authors.

    1. She is an absolute advocate. I’m truly jealous that she came up with such a brilliant question for her blog today . . . and I didn’t! You do know I’m counting on your for an interview, don’t you?

      FYI: Susan has written three delicious cozies — but she should put a warning label across the front cover of them because it is impossible to read one without craving decadent desserts. I had to resist until I got my weight where I needed it to be, but I’ve been having fun since then with her deadly chocolate torte.

    1. Mary, it’s my pleasure — you are approved to read some books that I do not yet have the clout to get, and your perspective on those we both like gives readers a broader basis to form their own decisions.

      I agree with you about Barbara Ross’s series. She’s posted about finishing the next one, so I’m already watching for the opportunity to request an advanced reading copy for review. I love the series, I love Maine, and I love how much she pours into her books. I love reading her recipes at the back of her books. I think she should consider compiling a cookbook as she gets further along the series.

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