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Open Road discounts The Lord God Made Them All today to $2.99 (USD)

Made Them AllStrongly recommended:

Back home in Yorkshire after military duty, James Herriot sees his family and veterinary practice flourish, even as the world around him changes profoundly.  When World War II ends and James Herriot returns to his wife and new family in the English countryside, he dreams mostly of Sunday roasts and Yorkshire puddings, but new adventure has a way of tracking him down. Soon Herriot finds himself escorting a large number of sheep on a steamer to Russia, puzzling through the trials of fatherhood, and finding creative ways to earn the trust of suspicious neighbors who rely on him for the wellbeing of their beloved animals.  Herriot’s winning humor and self-deprecating humanity shine through every page, and his remarkable storytelling has captivated readers for generations.

I prescribe James Herriot’s beautiful and beloved stories about animals and the people who love them (and a few who don’t) whenever my mind or my mood needs a boost, because they always bring joy back to my life.

And a digital edition of the second volume, The Lord God Made Them All, is available today at a discount of $2.99 (USD), down from a list price of $14.99 (USD).  I’m already on my second paperback set of this series, so this is welcome news to me!  If you like animals, it should be welcome news to you, too.

The series has something for just about every reader — hilarious adventures, insightful recollections, a lasting romance, lots of wisdom, and Herriot’s love of the Yorkshire Dales and the people who live there. Plus, of course, the animals, from livestock to pets.  And all the advances in veterinary medicine over the decades of his career.

The second story begins after World War II, when James returns from the Royal Air Force and, finally, has the miraculous advances the war brought to veterinary care with the discovery and development of antibiotics.  Each chapter, as in all the books, is a stand-alone story, yet some stories continue throughout each volume.  So, you can read a chapter or two if that is all the time you have, or you can read the whole book or series.  I’ve done each.

I first encountered Herriot in the BBC series based on his books, which was broadcast on PBS stations and later on A&E.  A few years ago, I bought a collection of DVDs of the series, just so I could watch them all over again because I never tire of these stories.  If you haven’t read or watched them, this is an excellent introduction.

James Herriot is the penname of James Alfred “Alf” Wight, OBE, FRCVS (3 October 1916 – 23 February 1995), a British veterinary surgeon and memoirist, who drew from his experiences as a veterinary surgeon to write a series of books consisting of stories about animals and their owners. He is best known for these semi-autobiographical works, beginning with All Creatures Great and Small in 1972. The BBC adapted the stories for a televised series which was also titled All Creatures Great and Small, which is available on DVD from and other sellers.

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  1. I read all of Herriot’s books quite some time ago, but they are timeless. Anyone who loves good stories and even just Likes animals would do well to take advantage of this sale.

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