What’s up with a blue cat? Lenora explains

PeteGuest review by Lenora, a kindergarten teacher

If you’re a parent, grandparent, or just care about a child, you’re probably wondering why the Pete the Cat series is a good choice for young readers. A blue cat, you might wonder? What’s up with that?

Pete the Cat piques the interest of young children. They like animals. Pete seems to have lots of fun, which is always a plus in children’s minds. He rides a skateboard and a surfboard. He’s very cool!

Pete has a very positive attitude. He doesn’t get upset when bad things happen. Bad things sometimes happen but that’s all OK. Everything will be fine. Pete is all about kindness to others. Many of my students live in neighborhoods with lots of violence. This positive attitude is very reassuring to them.

The stories are very obviously fictional, and that appeals to youngbeach pete children. They like to make believe. Cats aren’t blue and they don’t talk. They don’t really drive buses, ride skateboards or surfboards, or go to the beach or scuba dive. It’s so fun to pretend, though! They can imagine themselves there having fun with Pete. Many kids today need to escape their horrific environments.

Many of the Pete the Cat books are in the My First I Can Read series published by HarperCollins. The I Can Read series has long had an excellent reputation for quality books for young readers. Many of the words are appropriate sight words for young readers. The amount of text on the page is also appropriate for young readers. A student that is reading at a first-grade level could read them independently. They’re excellent shared or buddy readers for kindergarteners. A kindergartener who has read the story repeatedly with someone could read much of it themselves. Repeated reading of a story is an excellent way to boost your child’s oral reading fluency.

reading labelMy kindergarteners loved Pete the Cat last year. The kids at my van dismissal duty did, too. He was a favorite amongst the pre-kindergarten through second grade amongst that group. They would get very excited when I read a Pete the Cat book while they were waiting to go home.

Lenora reports that 13 students attended Monday’s Meet the Teacher event at her school, when each received a copy of one Pete the Cat Too Cool for School to keep. “I saw some big smiles and excited faces!” she said. Students who did not attend receive their copy when they first report to school.  And she’s already using these books, which many of you have donated, to teach her students about generosity and kindness. All proceeds generated through clicks on this review will be forwarded to Lenora by means of an Amazon.com gift card, to use for more books or supplies. Please help me verify these purchases by emailing me at Sis@MiddleSisterReviews.com. You don’t need to tell me what you bought or how much you spent, simply that you clicked on one of the links in this post or the searchable link below. That will help me separate your purchase from any others on the same day.  Thanks!

Lenora uses a Pete the Cat hand puppet as well as the books in her classroom.
Lenora uses a Pete the Cat hand puppet as well as the books in her classroom.
A plush Pete the Cat poses with his eponymous books.
A plush Pete the Cat poses with his eponymous books.

8 thoughts on “What’s up with a blue cat? Lenora explains”

  1. Guest reviewer from someone who knows what is good reading material for young readers….
    I loved it. Makes me wish I had children this age in my life to buy for – but I’ll keep it in mind.

  2. Lenora’s sister here. I helped out on the first day of kindergarten and read a Pete the Cat story to the class. They were so excited to tell me that they had a Pete the Cat book of their very own! It was wonderful to experience their enthusiasm for these books! P.S.: I’m a middle sister, too! 🙂

    1. I have a well-loved Pete and Pete puppet with the books in the classroom library. I’ll have to take a picture for Sis to post. 😀

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