Sister Sites

“Help one another, is part of the religion of our sisterhood.”

—  Louisa May Alcott

Sisters are created by birth; by law (through their own marriages or that of their parents or siblings); by membership in social, professional or religious societies; or by the strength of a bond that goes beyond friendship to unite kindred spirits as sisters of the heart.  The Middle Sister has a sister by birth, a sister-to-be by law, a sister by love and a growing group of sisters who warm her by their presence, trust her with their secrets and remember her — and are remembered by her — in prayer.  Books — the reading, the reviewing and the writing of them — connects her to others.  How we become sisters is not as important as what we do for one another as sisters.  Or that’s how Sis sees it.

Here’s how to find some in the sisterhood:

mjbreviewers  Mary and I enjoy many of the same books, but she also likes books that I don’t, including the paranormal cozy mysteries that are so popular now.  She’ll give you her own perspective on the books we both like, as well as a perspective on books to which I simply cannot do justice.

Lea Wait is the author of the Shadows Antique Print Mystery series, the Mainely Needlepoint series, historical novels for ages 8 and up, and a memoir, Living and Writing on the Coast of Maine . Her site includes links to free prequels of her latest books, questions for book groups or classrooms, recipes, her speaking schedule, bibliographies about antique prints and antique needlework, as well as additional information about her.


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