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Roadkill (Double Barrel Mysteries Book 1) by Barbara Ellen Brink


RoadkillRecommended without reservations:  Roadkill (Double Barrel Mysteries Book 1) by Barbara Ellen Brink, 294 pp, ebook edition discounted to $0.99 (USD) for a limited time, in celebration of the release of Much Ado about Murder (Double Barrel Mysteries Book 2); list price, $4.99 (USD).  Tradeback edition, list $14.99 (USD).

Review:  Roadkill (A Double Barrel Mysteries Book 1) is a riot of a read.  Read more . . .

Sis has yet to write reviews for Diane Moody’s novels, yet she highly recommends them to readers of Christian Fiction and promises to add these soon.  In the meantime, readers who enjoy this genre might want to check out the following stories from both Diane and her husband, McMillian Moody.

The first of The Teacup Novellas – The Collection is free for Kindle:

The entire collection, The Teacup Novellas – The Collection is $6.99 for Kindle.

Sis also recommends the two WWII historical fiction/Christian fiction novels: Of Windmills and War ($4.99 USD) and Beyond the Shadow of War (Sequel to Of Windmills & War) ($7.99 USD) for Kindle; or Of Windmills and War in print.  The sequel is also available in print.

The first of McMillian Moody’s “Elmo” series is also free for Kindle:
while The Elmo Jenkins Ultimate Collection is $9.99 for Kindle.