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A decade ago, Sis and Mr. Sister splurged on a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed, highly recommended for us by a massage therapist. We tried it in the store, and it seemed comfortable. It seemed comfortable at home. At first. Then, not so much. Soon, I could barely breathe when I entered our bedroom. I’m allergic to latex, and we couldn’t help but wonder if all that foam, or at least some of it, were made from latex. The company refused to tell us, on the grounds that it was not legally required to disclose such information, so we could never be sure what was triggering the allergic reaction. I ended up moving out of the bedroom.

We moved a few months ago, and I’m definitely not allergic to the new bedroom. Not so sure about the bed, though. So, after some research, we decided to try the Resort Sleep Queen 10-inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress. It’s cost — $259.95 — is about a tenth of the cost of the Sleep Number bed that I can’t sleep on! Heck, it’s less than we paid for the twin-sized innerspring mattress we bought for my late and beloved mom-by-marriage. I’ll let you know how it goes after we’ve slept on it.

If you’re interested, meanwhile, here’s the link:

Fiction for Christians, a cookbook for cast iron, a teacher’s review of Pete the Cat, and more from Soho Crime’s reading challenge

MaryJoMaryJo Dawson, a treasured friend and the author of a series of sort-of cozy mysteries that are not so much Christian fiction as fiction for Christians, is releasing her sixth novel, and readers will get to know her, or get to know her better, in an interview coming Monday. MaryJo helped me create a profile that I think will be interesting to those who already know her as well as those who do not.  I congratulate her on the publication of her sixth Sally Nimitz mystery.

Saturday Savings offers a heads up on a cookbook that I’ll be reviewing in the coming week. I received the advanced reading copy months ago, and I’ve been impatient to share it with you ever since. The paperback edition will be released Monday, the Kindle edition on 9 August 2016; both are discounted.

Lenora, my Kindergarten-teaching friend, has written a review of the Pete the Cat series for beginningPete readers, to explain the appeal of these fun (and funny) books for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all of us who know and love small children who are learning to read. Thanks to direct and indirect contributions from so many kind and generous readers, Lenora has gathered enough copies of one book to give each kindergartener in her central Florida elementary school — plus many more to give her own students in the months to come as well as sets of books and supplies to use in her classroom. My readers can continue to contribute to this cause by clicking on links from her review to buy anything from Amazon because I will donate all advertising fees paid on those clicks for the purchase of additional books or supplies.

And, finally, I’m reading the next Peter Diamond book in the Soho Crime 25th anniversary reading challenge, Upon a Dark Night by Peter Lovesey. I’ve read four so far and enjoyed each one.

In the fall, I’ll review a biography of Jimmy Stewart that focuses on his military service (with an autographed copy, courtesy of the author and the publisher, for a lucky reader); the latest Ellie Quicke mystery from Veronica Heley; plus a few other promising reads.


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Sis’s beautiful mom-by-marriage is reading:

Sis has read and will be reviewing: Cast-Iron Cooking

Recipes & Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Cast-Iron Cookware, by Rachel Narins; Storey Publishing, LLC., scheduled for release August 2016.  A trove of recipes for everything from breakfast to dessert, plus instructions on how to rescue all but the most dilapidated cast-iron cooking vessels.  Sis paid a dime for a cast-off, cast-iron skillet at a church bazaar when she was 19 years old — and she still has it and still cooks with it!  She also has her grandmother’s old Dutch oven, as well as Mister Sister’s grandmother’s old cast iron roaster.  Within an hour of receiving the galleys of this one, Sis had bookmarked a dozen recipes she’d like to try.