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Five favorites . . . in no particular order

In response to a recent comment, Sis mentioned that Mary Capone’s GF cookbook is one of her five all-time favorite cookbooks.  It’s not easy to limit the list to five, since she has two, fully stocked bookcases in her kitchen as well as cookbooks which have strayed to other bookshelves due to lack of space . . . and a few on her Kindles.  (Sis really prefers the written page, though, for cookbooks.  Yes, the pages do get splattered since she’s often too impatient to slot the books into those protective stands, but the pages don’t have to be “refreshed” by fingers that first need to be washed . . . and electronic devices are just as prone to splatters and kitchen disasters.)  So, what else is on her list? Here they are, in the order in which Sis acquired them:

See the list, and Sis’s explanations for her picks, on Cooking & Cookbooks: