Murder Comes First

A discounted deal from Mysterious Press . . .

Murder Comes First, the 15th of 26 novels in the Mr. and Mrs. North series from Frances and Richard Lockridge, is now available in an e-book edition — and is discounted to $1.99 now $7.99, from $9.99, for a limited time. (Sorry to those who missed out!)

Murder Comes FirstI grew up on Agatha Christie, Erle Stanley Gardner and Rex Stout, but the Lockridge books were not often found in my childhood home and I have many yet to read . . . including this one.  Some readers prefer to read all series in order, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you don’t need to read these in order to enjoy them.  I grab them when they’re discounted, as the list prices are fairly expensive as ebooks go, and read them as I can.

Synopsis:  When an old widow is murdered, Mr. and Mrs. North work to prove a trio of aunts innocent of the crime.  Jerry and Pamela North have tangled with countless murderers, blackmailers, and thieves, but nothing could prepare them for a weekend with Pamela’s aunts. Thelma, Lucinda, and Pennina sweep into town like hurricanes, and take no notice of the destruction they cause. No amount of martinis can soothe Pamela and Jerry’s rattled nerves, and when the martinis stop working, the Norths are in trouble.
The aunts are in town to see their old friend Grace Logan, a widow whose temperament is as cold as iced gin. But while sipping tea, Grace does something terribly out of character. She seizes up, gasps for air, and dies. When the trio of aunts is implicated in her poisoning, it falls to the Norths to clear their names—and get them out of Manhattan forever.

About the Authors:  Frances and Richard Lockridge were some of the most popular names in mystery during the 1940s and 1950s. Having written numerous novels and stories, the husband-and-wife team was most famous for their Mr. and Mrs. North Mysteries. What started in 1936 as a series of stories written for the New Yorker turned into 26 novels, including adaptions for Broadway, film, television, and radio. The Lockridges continued writing together until Frances’s death in 1963, after which Richard discontinued the Mr. and Mrs. North series and wrote other works until his own death in 1982.

4 thoughts on “Murder Comes First”

  1. Mysterious Press has already restored this one to its list price of $7.99 (USD) — my apologies to anyone who missed out! The Early Bird Books newsletter notifies subscribers of daily discounts and, usually, one free e-book (usually a classic that may also be available through the public domain). Also, readers can track specific books or specific authors through

  2. Murder Comes First sounds like a fun mystery. It’s a new series to me as well.

    Sometimes series get stale after so many books have been published. It sounds like this series hasn’t gone that path.

    Thanks, Mid Sis.

  3. I have never heard of this series,but after reading the review, how could I resist? I have just purchased it. Thanks, middle sis!

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