Is it time to join Prime? celebrates Prime Day with savings

Today is Prime Day at, with deals in every department, and new ones added during the day, for customers who belong to Prime, the Amazon program that provides free two-day shipping (and even faster, for those who live close to an Amazon warehouse) plus other benefits.

Prime is a good deal, even a great deal, for some households, but not worth the expense for others.  I started with a free, 30-day trial — click on the offer below to get your own free trial — and I’ve renewed it some years and not others.

Today’s deals include a discount of 33.33 percent on the new 7-inch Kindle Fire for Prime members only:

Endeavour Press, which I have found to be a reliable publisher of previously out-of-print books as well as new releases, has a number of Prime Day deals, including this one from Alan Evans:Seek Out

November 1917. The First World War is on a knife-edge – and the British Empire in mortal danger. Commander David Cochrane Smith is about to embark on his most perilous adventure yet. The Imperial German Navy has sent Kapitan-zur-See Erwin Voss to command the mighty new battle cruiser Salzburg in the Adriatic. Smith is ordered by the Admiralty to find and attack her in harbour — a seemingly suicidal task which is made all the more hopeless when he runs into the opposition of his superiors in Venice. But it is a vital mission and Smith knows he must go it alone. Though the odds are stacked against him and his tiny crew, his orders are inflexible. Wipe out the enemy. Commanding three small torpedo boats, Smith finds himself relentlessly hunted as Voss and the Salzberg score victory after victory. Finally, Smith sees one last chance to avert all-out disaster – he stakes everything on one final attempt to seek out and destroy…

4 thoughts on “Is it time to join Prime?”

  1. Thanks, Sis, for the reminder. I love my Kindle Voyage (it was my mom’s first) and I use it a lot when I read. I love the Prime membership, we’ve been doing it for a while now. I’d be lost without it.

  2. FYI: The links show the regular prices, because the discounts are only available with Prime. If you don’t have a Prime membership and you have never had one, you can sign up for the free trial and get any of the deals today. If you don’t think the program is worth the price, you can cancel at any time during the trial without cost . . . or after the trial to receive a pro-rata refund.

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