Sis supports Walk for ALS

and invites you to consider lending your support

ALS is a fatal neuromuscular disease with no known cure, cause or effective treatment.  I first learned of it when I was perhaps nine or 10 years old and read a biography of Lou Gehrig, the baseball player who died of ALS in 1941.  Recently, it has hit closer to home:  one friend lost her mother, then her brother, to ALS within the last few years; another friend, Joanne Stark, has lived with ALS for 16 years; and, more recently, a member of my family has been diagnosed with it.

Joanne plans to participate in the in the Mid Island WALK for ALS on Sunday, June 5, 2016, to raise money for the ALS Society of Canada.  Here is an excerpt from an email she recently sent to family and friends, and which I have her permission to share with you in the hope that you will consider contributing to either the ALS Society of Canada or one in your own area:

“The WALK for ALS supports provincial ALS societies and their programs to help people with ALS and their families, and the ALS Society of Canada’s investment in breakthrough research…help and hope! This year is the sixteenth anniversary of my ALS diagnosis. Although I have experienced a slow decline this past year, life is certainly still worth living! I still hope for an ALS cure in my lifetime. It is my hope that you will consider sponsoring me by making a secure online donation using your credit card through my ALS fundraising website.

Last year, friends helped her raise almost $6,000 (Canadian). This year, friends helped her raise $6,285!  Thanks for letting me share Joanne’s story with you.