A brilliant burglar

A Brilliant Plan, Brilliant Actors
by Alex Ames
by Alex Ames

A Brilliant Plan and its sequel, Brilliant Actors, are a pair of brilliantly plotted and wickedly funny cozy mysteries, featuring Calendar Moonstone, the daughter of middle-aged hippies and a talented designer of beautiful jewelry . . . who just so happens to moonlight as a cat burglar!

In her debut, Calendar plans to combine a Thanksgiving visit to her parents’ home in San Diego with an unacknowledgeable visit to a swanky art gallery with a small collection of very large diamonds. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one with plans, not to mention designs on another treasure, and Cal finds the body of the night watchman before she can exit with the diamonds.  If that isn’t bad enough, the police are waiting for her at her parents’ home, House of Moon, full of suspicion.  Nor are they alone with those suspicions.

The only way to hold the plan together is to find the killer, along with the missing jewelry.  Cal does just that, though it’s not easy – of course!

Ames writes that he decided to become a writer because he didn’t have the courage to become a cat burglar.  So, he set out to create a character worthy of Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief and Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, but I’ll take Calendar over Stephanie any day — especially if we could have her and Cary Grant.

She may be a thief, but she’s got scruples.  She’s also smart – and she needs to be because the cops are merely a few among many who’d like to pin the crimes on her!  My only real complaint is how long it is taking Ames to write a third one in this series.  He does have a day job, plus another series in print, but I’m absolutely smitten with this one and I want more.

This set of clever, cozy mysteries is likely to appeal to fans of Marian Babson, M.C. Beaton, Kate Carlisle, Kate Collins, Janet Evanovich, Joan Hess, Elizabeth Peters and others who combine mirth and mystery. It should appeal to those who don’t like Evanovich, too.  Oh, and did you note what a bargain they are?  You could buy both in Kindle format for less than four bucks, and I thought the first one was worth at least that.

A Brilliant Plan:  Meet Calendar Moonstone, acclaimed creator of jewelry for the rich, the royals and the famous. And compulsive part-time cat burglar whenever there are rare diamonds whispering her name. It was planned as a routine Thanksgiving part-time job: get in, crack the safe, fetch the diamonds. Instead Calendar finds the dead body of a night watchman and by sheer chance becomes involved to find the murderer and the stolen jewels. She gets teamed up with a cute police detective and a not so cute insurance investigator who sees Calendar behind almost every jewelry heist ever committed. To stay out of jail, Calendar has to use all her wits, skills and charm. And must solve a century old jewelry mystery.

by Alex Ames
by Alex Ames

Brilliant Actors:  What could be more exciting than attending the Academy Awards ceremony, joining the hottest after-show party, and have an A-movie star wearing your jewelry? All of the above, plus spending the rest of the night in jail! Acclaimed jewelry maker and part-time cat burglar Calendar Moonstone finds a stolen necklace in her purse, an enigmatic, unemployed actor with a cheesy name working against her, full-time insurance nemesis Fowler Wynn hard on her trail, and an intriguing chief of police asking for a date. The only catch is she has just thirty days to clear her name or go to jail—permanently. With the help of her trusted friend Mundy Millar, good ties in the movie business, and her uncle Bernie’s biker gang, Calendar sets out to make sure that the right person is caught and her own name cleared again. Even if it means she has to cut some corners, pick some locks, and break some hearts—Calendar style. 

About the Author:  Alex Ames always dreamed but never dared to become a famous jewel thief or computer hacker or super spy. After some considerations, his only morally feasible option was to become a writer. Alex is the author of the Brilliant – Calendar Moonstone cat burglar adventures and the Troubleshooter corporate thrillers. Find his books in print exclusively on Amazon and electronically at most eBook-sellers.

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